EXCITING NEWS – New Playwriting Competition – The Derek Jacobi Award!

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National Drama Festivals Association

The Derek Jacobi Award for New Playwriting

What is the DEREK JACOBI Award?
This prestigious award replaces the original award named after George Taylor which was initiated in 1979. The New Playwriting award is made annually to the author of a new one-act play which was performed at an NDFA member festival in a twelve month period between 1st July and 30th June. The Winner of the award has their play read at the British All Winners Festival the following year, receives a cash prize of £250 and has their play published by Stagescripts.

What are the Rules?
It’s very easy! To be eligible for the Derek Jacobi Award, the new play must be for One Act theatre and being performed at an NDFA Affiliated Drama Festival. The work MUST be unpublished and remain unpublished until the announcement of the Award. The Award is about the writing and not about the presentation or production. The Play will be read and put forward by the Festival’s GoDA adjudicator where it will then be submitted to the reading committee who will make the final decision on that year’s winner.

More about the award………..
Over recent years the NDFA’s playwriting award has been the springboard for new play writers to go and to have their work published and in some cases has led to professional commissions and performances. The NDFA are proud to be partnered with Stagescripts Ltd who have been associated with NDFA for a number of years and together we are now working towards developing that relationship to become more closely involved with other aspects of the NDFA and its member organisation’s activities.

The NDFA are working with Stagescripts to develop new categories of playwriting competitions and these will be announced in July 2019 at the NDFA’s AGM. The Derek Jacobi Award is the premiere national award for one act plays in amateur festival  theatre and we look forward to working with Writers and Festival Directors on continuing its development

Who are Stagescripts an independent publisher and rights-holder for the works of mostly contemporary writers and composers of musical theatre and drama. Its intention is to provide its customers with a compact and interesting catalogue of high quality dramatic and comedic pieces that are attractive to an audience. It is attempting to fill a gap in the licensing marketplace between the few remaining medium size publishers, and the three or four big market leaders with their ex-West End and ex-Broadway plays and mega-musicals.

How do I submit an entry?
To submit an original play for THE DEREK JACOBI AWARD, the entry form must be signed by the playwright and the relevant Festival’s adjudicator and organiser and then submitted as directed on the entry form together with a fee of £10.00.

Then what happens?
The winning play (and not the production) is performed as a rehearsed reading during the All Winners Festival week and the winner receives their trophy during the Awards ceremony on the Final night.