2019 British All Winners Festival

The 2019 British All Winners Drama Festival will be held in Woking.  It was inaugurated in 1974 in Stoke on Trent as an opportunity to celebrate the ‘Best of the Best’ by inviting the winners of one-act plays and full length plays that had won NDFA festivals around the country to come together competitively for one last time at the end of the festival season.  Later, in 2005, the All Winners Festival began to include a youth section too for groups who had won youth festivals or sections.

In addition to jointly-organising the British All Winners Festival with an established drama festival, the National Drama Festivals Association also organises a playwriting competition for unpublished one-act plays performed at NDFA festivals.  The annual winner gains a trophy, The George Taylor Memorial Award, a £250 cash prize, and an option for a publishing deal.  The play is publicly read during the week of the All Winners Festival.